Happy Easter!

We wish you a happy Easter, and hope that you are either spending it with your loved ones or traveling and loving the world!

Play station 3 is in the hostel :)

We have just upgraded the fun in the hostel, and now you can play the PLAYSTATION 3 🙂 Just ask at the reception and enjoy 🙂

Hostelworld conference 2015

We are currently to be found in Dublin, Ireland, as we are attending the Hostelworld conference for 2015. This year, the conference is based on the most important question of them all: how to please customers? (more…)
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Hostels in Zagreb

You have a bit of free time in the New year and want to make a plan, but you have to stick to a certain budget and you need some help? Look no more, we’ve got a plan for you!! Where? ZAGREB! Accommodation? Hostel! Which one? Palmers Lodge Zagreb! This is the part where we explain WHY! (more…)

Happy holidays !

We wish you a merry Xmas, happy holidays and a delightful NEW YEAR 2015! For all of you who have visited and stayed with us, thank you for being such amazing guests! For those who will do so in the future, we promise a great rest and amazing experience! Love you all <3 Palmers Lodge team

Advent in Zagreb

As the happy, merry and cheerful time of the year is approaching, we are getting more and more excited about the happenings in the city! We like to refer Zagreb as the new Vienna (well, at least during Christmas time), so if you ever experienced it in there, you will enjoy it here. And if not, well… Welcome to the Balkan’s Christmas fest! (more…)

In and around Zagreb by Sally Coombs

Zagreb makes for a wonderful city-break destination regardless of what time of the year it is you’re visiting. As Croatia’s capital, and with a thriving population of 800,000, there is always something to do, something to see, and enough people – some 700,000 people visit Zagreb each year – to ensure that the city is always accompanied by the bustling thrum of life in a historic yet modern city. (more…)
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Traveling alone

Traveling is always a cup of excitement mixed with a dash of „what if“ and „in case of“, and that is why most of us choose to travel in a pair, or groups. People tend to feel safer, relaxed and more outgoing in cases like these, but then, there is always the thing: what if i want to do something the other people don’t? Couple of tips to make your travel amazing and unforgettable when rockin’ it solo, so read up! (more…)